Patents: ExportGrain (EksportGrejn ), OOO, Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia
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ExportGrain (EksportGrejn ), OOO
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Patents ExportGrain (EksportGrejn ), OOO

The CCF was established to represent and protect the rights of common property interests of the Member organizations of the Union, coordination of their activities, resolve their disputes and conflicts, as well as for other purposes, aimed at the achievement of public goods.

Members of the RCC are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, whose main activities are the production, processing and sale of soy and soy soeprodukcii, providing seeds and other soeproizvoditelej logistical resources, research, informational and analytical activities in the field of production and processing of soybeans, as well as legal entities and individual entrepreneurs-consumers soya and soya products.


patents ExportGrain (EksportGrejn ), OOO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia